Saturday, November 28th, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea for UFC Fight Night 79 “Henderson vs. Masvidal” by Daniel Tom

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Sam Sicilia (15-5)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’8″ Age: 29 Weight: 145 lbs Reach: 67″
  • Last Fight: Decision win / Yaotzin Meza (7-15-15)
  • Camp: Sikjitsu (Spokane, WA)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox / Boxing
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: C

Supplemental info:
+   TUF 15 Alum
+   Regional MMA Titles
+   8 KO victories
+   10 first round finishes
+   4 Submission wins
+   KO power/heavy hands
+   Dangerous right hand
^   Leans heavily on it
+   Aggressive pressure
+   Improved wrestling
+   Strong top game
^   Effective ground strikes
–    Hands low standing
–    Head high in exchanges
^   Often leading on entry
–    R. hand/Counter availabilities


Doo Ho Choi (12-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’9″ Age: 24 Weight: 145 lbs Reach: 70″
  • Last Fight: TKO win / Juan Manuel Puig (11-22-14)
  • Camp: Gumi MMA (Korea)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox / Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: B-

Supplemental info:
+   9 KO victories
+   6 first round finishes
+   10 fight win streak
+/-1 fight in over 2 years
+   KO power/heavy hands
+   Deceptive hand & foot speed
+   Strong & efficient hips
–    Clinch/counter grappling availabilities
+   Scrambles/gets up well
+   Good transitional ground game
^   Chains submissions well
+   Excellent timing on knees
+   Good TD defense in open
+   Excellent overall timing
^   Intercepts/counter punches
+/-Willingness to exchange


Kick-starting the main card is potential fireworks as Sam Sicilia is tasked with testing Korean prospect Doo Ho Choi. With almost one year since his last fight it will be interesting to see what form the young Korean prospect returns at. Should Choi have not added any new tools to his game, his pre-existing ones could still prove trouble to the stylings of Sicilia.

Sam will utilize an aggressive pressure style to draw out brawls on his terms. Favoring his right hand in particular, Sicilia wields KO power that makes him dangerous against anyone at Featherweight. However, this aggressive nature comes at a cost as Sam keeps his hands low and head high in exchanges. This leaves him susceptible to counter shots(particularly right hands) that will be costly against a striker like Doo Ho.

Standing offensively squared to oppsition while staying light on his toes, Choi positions himself in a constant state of offensive/counter-offensive readiness. With an ability to reel-off quick kicks, it’s Choi’s punches that should serve him best against Sam. Utilizing feints, Doo Ho will draw out opponents reactions and counter strikes. He’ll use these opprotunities to off-set his opponents timing as he’ll intercept them coming in with beautifully accurate jab-crosses.

I see this in particular being effective in this fight should Sicilia stay at range. Sam’s best shot is making this an ugly & grinding affair by testing the prospect in-close and on the floor. Sicilia is very physically persuasive in the clinch and should he get on top, he shows a solid positional game that could cause Choi problems.

However, entering the clinch space to begin with posses it’s own dangers as Sam tends to lead his entries with his head down and forward. If Sam doesn’t mind this he’ll put himself right in line with Choi’s deadly knees. Owning multiple KO’s via this method, Choi’s excellent timing & feints come to fruition as he masterfully will misdirect and catch opponents here(Not to mention his shown TD defense & good balance against previous legitimate threats).

Should Sam ground the Korean, it may still be an uphill battle given Choi’s transitional grappling where he chains submission attacks into scrambles back to his feet. Though showing a good chin, it’s Choi’s willingness to brawl that could burn him here. Sicilia’s raw power keeps him a live-dog in any fight, and if Choi get’s overconfident it could potentially cost him. With that said, We should be in for a big bang either way, But I suspect Asia’s most promising talent to make a statement here.

Official Pick: Choi – Inside the distance

Official Outcome: to be determined

Preliminary Card Predictions

  • Dongi Yang def. Jake Collier
  • Yui Chul Nam def. Mke De La Torre
  • Tae Hyun Bang def. Leo Kuntz
  • Cortney Casey def. Seo Hee Ham
  • Yao Zhikui def. Fredy Serrano
  • Ning Guangyou def. Marco Beltran
  • Dominique Steele def. Dong Hyun Kim

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Fantasy MMA Picks

High Tier Picks:

-Doo Ho Choi
-Dong Hyun Kim
-Benson Henderson

Low Tier Picks:

-Mike De La Torre
-Dongi Yang
-Alberto Mina

Pieces for your parlay:

-Doo Ho Choi
-Tae Hyun Bang
-Benson Henderson

Props worth looking at:

-Choi – By KO/TKO
-Dong Hyun Kim – Inside the distance

Fights to avoid:

-Yui Chul Nam vs Mike De La Torre
-Jake Collier vs Dongi Yang
-Sexyyama vs Alberto Mina

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