Complete Fight Breakdowns of UFC 191 Johnson vs. Dodson.


Demetrious Johnson (22-2-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’3″ Age: 29 Weight: 125 lbs Reach: 66″
  • Last Fight: Submission win / Kyogi Horiguchi (4-25-15)
  • Camp: AMC Pankration (Kirkland, Washington)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Switch-Stance/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Excellent
  • Overall Fight Grade: A+

Supplemental info:
+   Technical coaches & corner
^   Adjusts well during & in-between rounds
+   Quick & effective TD transitions
+   Technical & creative clinch fighting
^   Grip fights to open up strikes
+   Stopping power/constant attacking
+   Pace never slows/Dangerous until end
+   Never stopped or submitted/recovers well


John Dodson (17-6)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’3″ Age: 30 Weight: 125 lbs Reach: 66″
  • Last Fight: Decision Win / Zach Makovsky (5-23-15)
  • Camp: Jackson-Wink MMA (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Southpaw/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: A-

Supplemental info:
+   Technical coaches & corner
–    Doesn’t make major adjustments during fight
+   Good TD defense/scrambles back to feet well
+   Deadly counter left hook
+/- Fights outside the center baiting trade-offs
+   KO power/Freakish strength
?    Gas tank bares watching past 3 rounds
+   Never stopped or submitted


In these two fighters first meeting we essentially saw Demetrious Johnson weather, recover, and adjust to John Dodson’s early storm of counter offense. Not only did DJ adjust, but he intensified his technical aggression in rounds 4 & 5 to seal the deal. Since then he has not only furthered himself as one the best overall fighters, but the most dangerous “late round” fighter earning himself 5th round stoppages in recent efforts. Now let me apologize in advance for abusing the word “technical” in this breakdown, but it’s hard not to when describing Mighty Mouse’s fight game. As a fan of technical action, DJ’s corner advice from Matt Hume alone is educational, much less DJ’s ability to apply his corners direction throughout the contest and even within rounds.

John Dodson also posses a great technical corner, but he doesn’t make the big adjustments to stack the deck in his favor. Instead Dodson relies heavily on his offense/counter offense, and given the success of his natural speed, power, and durability it’s hard to fault him. His core strength in fact is so freakish, it allows him to launch video game like flying knees or defend/spring back up from attempted take downs with ease. He also has the KO power of a heavyweight, but the problem is he tends to fight like a Heavyweight. He will move forward and attack aggressively, but he only does so in spurts.

Dodson spends the majority of the time within range of the black Octagon lines, hanging around the outside baiting  counter lefts & exchanges. One could say he’s using this style to try and save energy, and that could be true. I think it’s habitual because it’s a style that’s served him well all these years being the shorter man against longer opposition. Let’s not forget, Dodson’s older and has been fighting bigger opposition longer than DJ(Dodson began 2004). Considering the natural conundrum of closing the distance with a reach disadvantage, this baiting style is actually quite brilliant.. unless you’re facing Mighty Mouse.

In fact, if John Dodson chooses the strategy of playing the outside lines, I feel this will automatically handicap any of his most competitive attributes. On the feet he’ll be subjected to DJ’s consistent stance switching, offensive angling, and variety of changing attacks. Not to mention those inner Octagon lines are DJ’s sweet spot for hitting his transition take downs. Personally, I feel Demetrious Johnson will look to do exactly what he did the first time. After eating Dodson’s counters and struggling to keep him grounded, Johnson adjusted and took the fight into clinch warfare. There he was able to turn the tides and demonstrate technical artistry.

He didn’t just control Dodson here, he used a myriad of traps & set-ups that essentially made “the Magician” pick his poison. This was so successful that if you look at DJ’s fights since, he’s seemed to develop taste for putting his recent opponents through this same fire. I hope my passionate pontification isn’t perceived as a bias that feels Dodson can’t win, because I believe he’s a gifted athlete who certainly has the tools to upset here. That being said, I’m not sold on this live dog and will be sticking to the analysis.

Official Pick: Johnson


Andrei Arlovski (24-10-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’4″ Age: 36 Weight: 241 lbs Reach: 77″
  • Last Fight: TKO Win / Travis Browne (5/23/15)
  • Camp: Jackson-Wink MMA (Albuquerque, NM)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: B-

Supplemental info:
+   KO Power
+   Good footwork/distance management
+   Puts combinations together well
–    7 loses via TKO/KO (last in 2011)
+   Never submitted/good TD defense
+   Shown recent recoverability & new techniques

Brawlin Fight Fotos

Frank Mir (18-9)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’3″ Age: 36 Weight: 262 lbs Reach: 79″
  • Last Fight: KO Win / Todd Duffee (7/15/15)
  • Camp: Ricky Lundell & Angelo Reyes (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Switch-Stance/Boxing
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: B-

Supplemental info:
+   KO Power
+   Good footwork in & out
+   Puts combinations together well
–    7 loses via TKO/KO (last in 2013)
+   9 wins via submission
+   Shown recent recoverability & new techniques


The similarities in the supplementals above show just how much both these fighters careers have mirrored each other. Both men are Former UFC Heavyweight Champs who entered the organization around 21 yrs of age. This is a match that was originally supposed to happen roughly a decade ago, and since then both fighters have put on a lot of miles & wear. Which is why match ups with resurgent veterans like these can be hard to call, because it’s difficult to get a beat on who’s showing up. Looking at recent/relevant footage on these two, I believe this fight will take place on the feet. Mir has the edge on the ground, where under Ricky Lundell he’s improved his wrestling/TD entries and is not beyond pulling guard.  Still, I’m not sure it will be enough for Arlovski’s second nature footwork & clinch base/defense when he’s against the cage.

On the feet they both put together their combinations well, with the slight edge in speed going to Arlovski here. Andrei keeps good defensive technique & movement except when he’s moving forward in “offense mode”, his head goes high and chin comes up. Where as I feel Mir has the opposite defensive liabilities, but with a noticeable improvement in head movement during combos(credit to his boxing coach Angelo Reyes). Given the gamut of performances from both fighters this could potentially be a starring clinch fest on the feet, but I feel we could be in for a good old fashion gun fight.


Official Pick: Arlovski


Anthony Johnson (19-5)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’2″ Age: 31 Weight: 205 lbs Reach: 78″
  • Last Fight: Submission Loss / Daniel Cormier (5/23/15)
  • Camp: Blackzillians (Boca Raton, Florida)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: B

Supplemental info:
+   Good chin/never stopped by strikes
+   Agressive & stalking footwork
+   Nice leaping left hook-overhand right
+/-Throws primarily power shots
+  KO power/Heavy hands & kicks
–   Struggles when pressure fought/cardio bares watching


Jimi Manuwa (15-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’1″ Age: 35 Weight: 205 lbs Reach: 80″
  • Last Fight: Decision Win / Jan Blachowicz
  • Camp: Keddles Gym/Nova Forca BJJ (England)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Good
  • Overall Fight Grade: B-

Supplemental info:
+/-Stopped once/Fair chin otherwise
+   Good shot selection & variety
+   Excellent head movement
+   Feints/changes directions well offensively
+   KO Power/Physically strong athlete
?   Questionable overall ground game/defense


At first glance here Anthony Johnson’s talent & chin is more proven against the higher level & variety of opponents. Although Jimi Manuwa has only been stopped once, he’s shown a good durability and composure. Even with his opponent Johnson being in the UFC when Manuwa only began training martial arts, Manuwa will be one of the more technical KO strikers “Rumble” has faced. Jimi really impresses me with his feint set ups and the mis direction he conducts with his kicks. For a striker Manuwa will look for TD’s once in clinch position, but I doubt we’ll see him taking down Johnson in this contest. Manuwa has also finished 14/15  of his victories but all of his 3 UFC finishes have come by strange outlying scenarios(2 leg injuries, and a Doctors stoppage).

As far as overall striking goes, I gotta side with Johnson on proven power, chin, and overall activity here. I’m a big fan of his progression under Henry Hooft, Rumble isn’t just “Stalking” but is also defensively moving his head while loading offense/counter offense in simultaneous movements. Not to mention the latest edition to his camp, Neil Melanson who’s one of the sports top ground coaches. This could mean that Rumble may revisit his wrestling base(like he did against Dan Hardy who’s another technical striker) to acquire an additional edge here. Physically(and possibly mentally) Rumble tends to struggle when being pressure fought or the fight isn’t going his way. So unless Manuwa can hurt/frustrate Johnson early with disciplined offense, then this will be Johnson’s fight to lose here.

Official Pick: Johnson


Corey Anderson (5-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’3″ Age: 25 Weight: 205 lbs Reach: 79″
  • Last Fight: TKO Loss / Gian Villante (4/18/15)
  • Camp: Ricardo Almeide & Mark Henry (New Jersey)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Othrodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Fair to poor
  • Overall Fight Grade: C+

Supplemental info:
+   2x All-American college wrestler
+   Blue Belt BJJ
+   Last 3 camps in NJ w/Mark Henry
–    Does not check leg kicks well
–    Has not shown to adjust game plans
+   Shows good fight to fight improvements
+   Growing variety of strikes to arsenal


Jan Blachowicz (18-4)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’2″ Age: 32 Weight: 205 lbs Reach: 79″
  • Last Fight: Decision Loss / Jimi Manuwa (4-11-15)
  • Camp: Ankos Zaposy Poznan (Poland)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Muay Thai
  • Risk Management: Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: C+

Supplemental info:
+   Amateur Muay Thai Titles
+   Former KSW LHW Champion
+   BJJ Brown Belt
+   Good switch kick to the body
–    Will succeed TD’s/Cage position
+   Good chin/Very durable
–    Inactive lulls in fight game


I can very much understand why Jan Blachowicz is coming in as the favorite over Corey Anderson on paper. But I feel this is a good example of paper, not exactly representing where either two fighters are in their respective careers. Corey Anderson is potential talent who despite coming from a good wrestling base, has taken up quickly to striking/improving in all areas every time he steps in the Octagon. Although I don’t consider his last(and only) loss to be a condemnation of his chin, he does take a little more damage than he needs to for my liking. In particular, he’s shown a vulnerability to leg kicks and his lack of experience to adjust his game during  a fight. His last few camps have been with Mark Henry & Ricardo Almeida, who I’m sure are doing a great job with him, but Blachowicz can definitely hurt him standing if he’s not careful.

From recent in-fight to overall fight activity, Jan’s only been active in small spurts. This could largely be due to knee injuries that’s plagued him lately in his career. Never the less, he feints & throws intelligently and when he does open up he has the power to close the show. At this stage of his career I’m giving him a slight edge standing and on the ground overall. But if Corey can mix in TD’s with his newfound love for striking I can very much see him exhausting Jan’s defenses to victory.

Official Pick: Anderson


Paige VanZant (5-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’4″ Age: 21 Weight: 115 lbs Reach: 65″
  • Last Fight: Decision Win / Felice Herrig (4/18/15)
  • Camp: Team Alpha Male (Sacramento, CA)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Fair to Poor
  • Overall Fight Grade: B-

Supplemental info:
+   High-level training camp
+   Scrambles aggressively & effectively
+   Show’s competency off back
+/-Propensity for armbar attacks
+   Aggressive forward & cage pressure
+   Keeps relentless pace
–    Shown sloppy entry TD’s/Strikes


Alex Chambers (5-2)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’3″ Age: 36 Weight: 115 lbs Reach: 63″
  • Last Fight: Submission Win / Kallin Curran (5/10/15)
  • Camp: American Top Team (Coconut Creek, FL)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Fair to Poor
  • Overall Fight Grade: C-

Supplemental info:
+   High-level training camp (ATT)
+   Good stable of top female training partners
+   Purple Belt BJJ
+   Transitions well from strikes to TD’s
?    Shown to fade, cardio bares watching
+   Good durability & heart/Dangerous until end
–    Tends to fight with back to the cage


Another fairly straight forward match up here. Both girls have shown to take damage on the feet, but can take it well. And with neither having anything particularly dangerous in said area, I don’t see this fight being decided here. Paige has shown to not mince strikes long before pushing forward with cage pressure to TD’s. This is where I feel Alex Chambers game particularly compliments Paiges. Alex tends to fight on the outside allowing her opponents to heavily dictate the fight, which in this case is terrible when facing someone with a relentless pace. Also factor in that when Alex has shown to fade, it’s been in rigorously “grinding” scenarios that Paige stylistically can bring.

Alex does transition really well from striking to level changing on TD’s, and is not beyond getting this done in the fight. Paige however, shows a freakish ability to scramble in these situations and often finds herself on top. When VanZant is on her back(although no official victories from here) shows a slick competent arm-bar game(Chambers only methods of defeat). Never count out Alex Chambers but unless Paige get’s caught speeding on the ground here, I don’t see her losing this fight.

Official Pick: VanZant



Paul Felder (10-1)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’10” Age: 31 Weight: 155 lbs Reach: 70.5″
  • Last Fight: Decision Loss / Edson Barboza (7-25-15)
  • Camp: Renzo Gracie/Jackson-Wink MMA (Philly)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Good
  • Overall Fight Grade: B

Supplemental info:
+   Powerful Kicks & Knees
+   Good Chin/Takes damage well
+   Good head movement & striking defense
+   Dangerous spinning attacks
+   Effective left switch knees & kicks


Ross Pearson (17-9)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’8″ Age: 30 Weight: 155 lbs Reach: 69″
  • Last Fight: Decision Loss / Evan Dunham (8-1-15)
  • Camp: Alliance MMA (San Diego,CA)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: C+

Supplemental info:
+   Good Stalking & footwork
?    Questionable status of chin
–    Leads head on movement too far(low)
+   Counters well with punch combos
+   Manages distances well


Yet another fun match up on this card, but I feel this is one of the more straight forward ones. For obvious reasons on paper you can see why Felder is the favorite, But on a technical level I see big openings for Paul here. Although I like Pearson’s distance managing and feel he has the slight speed advantage, his defensive movement is what actually opens him up to be hit. When Pearson retreats, his head goes high as his arms almost open up to a “T” which for general reasons can be bad. More importantly, when he slips & rolls, his head comes way too low and out to the side. Now couple Pearson’s defensive habits with Paul Felder’s best offensive tools, being his ability to set up a variety of switch kicks & knees, and this spells trouble for the more shop worn Englishman.

Official Pick: Felder


Francisco Rivera (11-4)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’8″ Age: 33 Weight: 135 lbs Reach: 70″
  • Last Fight: KO Win / Alex Caceres (6-6-15)
  • Camp: All IN MMA/CSW (California)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Muay Thai
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: C+

Supplemental info:
+   KO Power/Heavy Hands
+   Good outside trip from clinch
+   Moderate pace w/good volume
–    Does not move head well
+/-Stopped only once but hurt often
?    Pace can fade, bares watching
+   Improved TD defense/counter wrestling


Jon Lineker (25-7)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’2″ Age: 25 Weight: 135 lbs Reach: 67″
  • Last Fight: Decision Win/Ian McCall (1/31/15)
  • Camp: ATT/OCS Jiu-Jitsu (Brazil)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Muay Thai Brawler
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: C+

Supplemental info:
+   KO Power/Heavy Hands
+   Stays low & loaded at all times
+   Goes hard to the body(right hand)
+   Good Chin/never stopped
–    ineffective from bottom
–    Does not scramble/transition effectively
+   Good TD defense/sprawls


Equivalent to when Super Mario acquires the “star of invincibility”, is John Lineker in the way he stalks opponents with his power. He always keeps his level low & power loaded which allows him to defend TD’s & threaten offense consistently. Lineker should have the speed advantage against Rivera, but I do favor Francisco in the technical aspect of the striking dept. Not only that, this will by far be the most technical and dangerous opponent Lineker has faced on the feet. That being said, Rivera is 33 and although improving at this stage in his career, he’s also shown a high vulnerability to being hurt despite only one stoppage loss. Add the fact that Rivera’s lack of head movement makes him very touchable, it’s hard to argue that Linekers looping punches & body shots won’t pay dividends.

If Rivera decides to use utilize his wrestling by taking Linker down, he could steal rounds by controlling here. Lineker, despite competing in technical weight classes, utilizes little technique on the ground or off his back, where he’ll attempt poor leg locks with a reluctance to scramble. Despite obvious defensive liabilities I like Rivera overall here, but make no mistake, this is the closest you can get to a gunslinging match at 135.

Official Pick: Rivera


Jessica Andrade (13-4)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’2″ Age: 23 Weight: 134 lbs Reach: 62″
  • Last Fight: Decision Win / Sarah Moras
  • Camp: Parana Vale Tudo (Brazil)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Muay Thai
  • Risk Management: Fair to Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: C

Supplemental info:
+   Good forward pressure w/strikes
+   Good Chin
+   Strong positional grappling/passing
+   Improved ground & pound
+   Good cage pressure
+   Nice throws/TD’s from clinch
–    Keeps head upright on entries
+/-Will bait from inside the guard to pass


Raquel Pennington (5-5)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’7″ Age: 26 Weight: 135 lbs Reach: 67.5″
  • Last Fight: Decision Loss / Holly Holm (2-28-15)
  • Camp: Altitude MMA (Denver,CO)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: C-

Supplemental info:
+   Accurate punch combos
+   Good leg kicks
+   Improved cage wrestling
–    Allows opponent to set pace
–    Lacks overall volume
–    Lacks explosions/urgency in grappling exchanges
+   Good Chin/Never stopped by strikes
+   Trains at altitude/Good cardio


In their first meeting, these ladies fought a closely contested affair. Both fighters style was displayed but the more consistent style(both literally & in favor of MMA judging) edged through. For this reason I’m giving the slight edge to Andrade in this match up. She fights consistently to her style of frame, and I believe that can be a problematic one for Pennington. Raquel will either have to hurt Andrade early and often, or display some newfound footwork & volume. Otherwise, she’ll likely be defending TD’s & offense with her back pressed against the cage all night. Although Pennington has shown an improvement in this area against what was thought to be a stronger grappler in Ashley Evans Smith, she’s still yet to show a consistency or edge in any particular dept. of the fight.

Where as I feel not only Andrade consistently fights best to her body type, but her improvements have all been in areas relevant to her overall game. It’s when Jessica is on top, and in guard baiting attacks to pass where she gets caught speeding. If “Rocky” Pennington comes in game mode she is more than skilled to compete here, but I’m siding with the more consistent fighter.

Official Pick: Andrade


Tiago Trator (19-5-2)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’9″ Age: 28 Weight: 145 lbs Reach: 70.5″
  • Last Fight: KO Loss / Mike de la Torre (2-22-15)
  • Camp: Team Nogueira (Brazil)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Muay Thai
  • Risk Management: Fair to Poor
  • Overall Fight Grade: D+

Supplemental info:
–    Short notice replacement(3 weeks)
+/-2nd fight at Featherweight(0-1)
+   Good 2-3 punch combos w/kick finish
+   Strong forward pressure & aggression
+   Shows good cardio & work rate
–    Doesn’t move head well/will look down
+   Stopping power/Strong kicks
–    Goes for submissions without position
+/-Body clinches but not confident w/TD’s
–    Will succeed bottom position(gives passes)


Clay Collard (14-6)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’9″ Age: 22 Weight: 145 lbs Reach: 73″
  • Last Fight: Decision Loss / Gabriel Benitez (6-13-15)
  • Camp: The Pit Elevated (Price, UT)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Boxing
  • Risk Management: Poor
  • Overall Fight Grade: D+

Supplemental info:
+   Amateur Boxing Titles (65-20)
+   Good Chin/Recovers well
+   Volume puncher
+   Strong forward pressure & aggression
+   Good clinch strikes(uppercuts & body shots)
–    Takes damage consistently(head upright)
+   Moves well laterally & Angles off defensively
+/-Slightly improved TD’s/Questionable ground overall
–    Will go for submission at cost of position
–     Fades/Strikes sloppy as fight endures


Tiago Trator is the only guy I can think of who fought Southpaw the majority of his career, only to switch Orthodox once arriving in the UFC. And despite not coming from any type of martial arts background, he looks the part of a natural striker. Just as oddly, his opponent Clay Collard comes from an experienced striking background(65-20 as an amateur boxer) yet keeps his head high, takes damage, and can show low/sloppy hands. Those things stated, they’ve both been effective with contrasting styles largely due to their aggression, mental toughness, and ability to take punishment. Naturally, predicting match ups like this can feel like you’re basically flipping a coin.

On the feet I’d like to say Clay’s hooks find their home off angles, and his uppercuts make Trator pay for tucking his head too low when under fire.. But I’m gonna side with Tiago who I feel has more horse power and gas here. If Clay can effectively mix in his TD attempts he could steal rounds from Tiago, but it’s doubtful he can do this or the latter intelligently without gassing. Slightly siding with the semi-short notice replacement here, but be well aware that this fight will probably be a sloppy contest of who wants it more.

Official Pick: Trator



Joe Riggs (40-16)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’0″ Age: 32 Weight: 170 lbs Reach: 71.5″
  • Last Fight: Decision Loss / Patrick Cote (4-25-15)
  • Camp: MMA Lab (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Southpaw/Boxing
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: C-

Supplemental info:
+   Powerful TD’s from clinch(body lock)
–    Coming off 2 losses at Welterweight
+   Experienced Veteran
–    Cuts easily/injury prone
+   Improved head movement & combos
–    Rarely checks leg kicks


Ron Stallings (13-7)

Staple info:

  • Height: 6’2″ Age: 32 Weight: 185 lbs Reach: 75″
  • Last Fight: Decision Win / Justin Jones (4-4-15)
  • Camp: Team Lloyd Irvin (Temple Hills, MD)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Southpaw/Muay Thai
  • Risk Management: Fair
  • Overall Fight Grade: D+

Supplemental info:
+   BJJ Brown Belt
+   Strong left kick(body, head, & legs)
+   Good head movement & defensive angles
+   Decent cage/cage TD defense
+   Intelligent shot selection
–    Will allow opposition back into fights


Joe Riggs may have a serious experience advantage on paper, but I consider both of these guys advanced fighters. Stallings, despite getting subbed by Phillipe Nover to kickstart his career in 2003, has been stopped 3 times(one via Doctors stoppage, another to freak slam).  Stallings main weakness I see going into this fight is his tendency to break his own positive rhythms/allow the fight to be dictated by his opposition. This was shown in recent fights with his willingness to engage in fence grappling exchanges, leaving him the one with his back to the fence. And with Riggs who’s shown an aggressive TD game from the clinch(Although using more strength than technique) this could cause problems and cost rounds for Stallings. Even if said scenario doesn’t play out, I’m not sure how reliable Riggs wrestling will be against the bigger stronger man.

Aside from the gym-to-fight inconsistency that’s troubled Riggs career, He cuts very easily and is injury prone. In fact, Joe has suffered multiple bizarre injuries this year. Most recently he’s coming off fractured hand injury into this fight. I think in this fight Riggs will pay for a lack of kick defense, which will open him up to Stallings angling attacks. I believe Stallings style & length should be enough to frustrate and-or hurt Riggs earning him the victory here.

Official Pick: Stallings


Nazareno Malegarie (23-3)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’8″ Age: 26 Weight: 145 lbs Reach: 70″
  • Last Fight: Submission Win / Derinaldo Silva (3-22-15)
  • Camp: Team Tavares (Brazil)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Boxing
  • Risk Management: Moderate
  • Overall Fight Grade: C-

Supplemental info:
+/-Coming up from 145 lbs.
–    Fought once in 21 months
+   Decorated Judo & BJJ base
+/-Majority of wins against low level opp.
+   Punches aggressively into clinch
+   Good head movement off cross
+   Strong ground & pound
+   5 wins by Guillotine
+   Shows good tested chin


Joaquim Silva (7-0)

Staple info:

  • Height: 5’8″ Age: 26 Weight: 170 lbs Reach: ?
  • Last Fight: TKO Win / Leandro Vasconcelos (9-20-14)
  • Camp: Evolucao (Brazil)
  • Stance/Striking Style: Orthodox/Muay Thai
  • Risk Management: Fair to Poor
  • Overall Fight Grade: D+

Supplemental info:
+   All wins via first round finishes
–    Fought once in 18 months
+   Heavy hands/KO power
+/-Majority of competition low level
+/-Wild hook punches on entries
+   Coming down from 170 lbs
–    Doesn’t make smart choices on ground
?    7 fights in 5 ys. Questionable progress
+   Shows good but untested chin


In this curtain jerking bout, what stands out about these two are their records. Inflated records on regional circuits are much more common than most know, but these records take it to another level. Both share multiple wins throughout their career against winless opponents. Undefeated to semi-intruiging records aside, I feel Silva will probably come forward with his signature “Thai-marching” style, looking to throw powerful hooks. Despite striking not being Malegarie’s strong suit, he shows decent head movement, and comes forward with punches for a purpose.

That purpose usually being to clinch/press his opponent to the cage and use his go to body lock TD’s & single-leg dumps. His Judo & grappling base allows him a strong top game where he uses powerful ground & pound to open up finishes. That’s what I expect to see here, but beware of this sloppy affair.

Official Pick: Malegarie

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